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ChWP is just another free WebSpeed alternative, like Ganimede or Blue Diamond. Unlike its competitors, it's able to run already under PROGRESS v8.2.

ChWP is absolutely free, it is released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

ChWP runs under Linux. Recomended web-server is Apache.

ChWP is written in C and PROGRESS 4gl.

Together with full sources, the package also contains a demo application, using sports database. This demo aplication you can see in action, just go to the ChWP Test Bench.

For development, you need PROGRESS 4gl development and Workgroup or Enterprise database. The language used for creating your application is PROGRESS 4gl. The style of programming resembles CGI-Wrappers in WebSpeed.

Here you can also download ProReX package. It's a simple tool that enables you to use regular expressions with 4gl under Linux. For a demo application using ProReX, see example Customer match in ChWP Test Bench.

Have fun, share and enjoy!

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